APEX Theropod Deck-Building Game

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1 - 8 Players • 9 distinct Apex Predators • 35+ mins • 600 Cards

Game Features:

• 9 distinct playable Apex classes
• 8 distinct Prey
• 8 distinct Big Game
• 8 distinct Titans
• 4 distinct Menaces
• 8 distinct Predators
• 9 distinct Minions
• 9 distinct Bosses
• 11 distinct environment effects
• 3 distinct wound types
"Some card games are gentle diversions, perfect for quiet contemplation on a rainy day. The Apex theropod deck building game is not one of them. Apex wants to kill you, and will attempt to do so in violent, bloody ways –plague, meteor strike, even decapitation by Tyrannosaurus rex." - David M. Ewalt, Forbes Magazine

Apex is a deck-building game, played solo or with up to 7 friends, where you play as one of nine prehistoric apex predators competing for prey against other apex predators. Each playable predator has their own deck to master. Your species must overcome a very brutal environment including harsh climate changes, disease, attacks from predators, grievous wounds, infections, and deadly prey. The goal is to build up the population of your species and fight off competing predators. The game incorporates many dinosaurs and  distinct territory decks that follow an actual time and location.. Each dinosaur species has different strengths, weaknesses, and strategies—creating a varied and constantly evolving experience. In the end, you must become the top apex predator to become victorious.

Note to the fans:

The dinosaurs and events in Apex are not 100% based on fact. Apex is a mix of old and new dinosaur culture and some things were just changed to enjoy the game more. Please forgive us for any innaccuracies you find in Apex and it is not designed to educate.

Game Designer and Artist:

Herschel Hoffmeyer